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Maher Zain

Salam.. owh, i really luv and enjoy to hear his song..
especially lagu "Thank you Allah"..
That's the 1st song i ever felt in luv with his songs.. ekekekek cintan cintun lak kan?

Tapi betul lah.. most of his song are very peacefull je tau!
Dengar pun rasa sejuk je halwa telinga ni..

Jom kenal2 ngan MAHER ZAIN ni..;
~Maher Zain (born 1982) muda setahun je dariku..:D
~He is a Swedish singer and music producer of Lebanese origin.
~His first album 'Thank You Allah' of 13 tracks and two bonus songs was released on 1 November 2009.
~His music videos on Youtube have collectively gained more than 4 million views. (giler banyakkan?)
~Handsome, but married ok!

~List of his song are:~

"Always Be There"
"Ya Nabi Salam Alayka"
"Insha Allah"
"Palestine Will Be Free"
"Thank You Allah"
"Allahi Allah Kiya Karo (feat. Irfan Makki)"
"The Chosen One"
"Baraka Allahu Lakuma"
"For the Rest of My Life"…